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Let's get HOPPY together! Welcome to my world of Craft Beer, Good Eats & Tasting Flights.

I’m Maddie. I’m a Craft Beer lover and Foodie from Vancouver Island, Canada. 🇨🇦 I started That Hoppy Girl back in October, mainly for the purpose of keeping track of my brewery trips and craft beer tastings, but it soon grew into something much more. Now, my goal for That Hoppy Girl is to not only share my love for Craft Beer and Food, but to be an advocate for my favourite spots, and help them grow on Social Media.

You’re in the right place if you share some of my favourite things: -Craft Beer & Breweries 🍻 -Good Eats & Restaurant visits 🌯 -Cideries, Wineries and Cocktail Bars🍸 -Travelling and exploring new places ✈️

I hope you'll join me on my Craft Beer, Food and Tasting adventures by subscribing to my blog, and follow along on my Instagram!

Stay HOPPY my friends!

Bye for now,


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